PMBAR required gear list

Hey PMBAR racers, be sure to review the required gear list before heading to the race, There have been a few changes/additions


There WILL BE required gear checks on course. Teams will receive a time penalty for each piece of missing gear.

-Facemask – (1 per racer)
-Helmet. – (1 per racer)
-Mobile Phone – (1 per racer)
-Rain Jacket – (1 per racer)
-Water Filter or Iodine – (1 per team)
-Emergency blanket – (1 per racer)
-First Aid Kit w/ Gauze, Tape, Ace Bandage, etc. – (1 per team)
-Whistle – (1 per racer)
-Lighter – (1 per team)
-Compass or GPS unit – (1 per team)
-Red ‘Blinkie’ rear light – (1 per racer)
-Handlebar or Helmet mounted light source (500 lumen minimum) – (1 per racer)
-Pisgah Map. – (1 per team) We will use the Pisgah Map Company, South Pisgah, 4th (or greater) edition map for all trail names, off-map vs. on-map trails, and for all protests. We recommend you either have this map or are very familiar with the difference between it and your Pisgah map.