The most difficult and fun events you will do this year!


Pisgah Productions was formed in 2003 by Eric and Erinna Wever with a simple idea: to push people to go further than they knew they could go before and to have a great party afterwards. The Pisgah Mountain Bike Adventure Race (PMBAR) was born.

A few years later the two day version of PMBAR pushed the boundaries even further. The Double Dare has become an end of season tradition.

When the racers demanded an even harder event the Pisgah 36 was conceived. A brutal 36 hour single sport adventure race that starts at midnight in February.

Realizing the Pisgah National Forest was lacking a long, ‘follow-the-arrows’ type, singletrack focused, event Pisgah Productions unleashed the Pisgah 111K on the community.

Following the success of the 111K format, but retooling to cater to the road cyclists,  Pisgah Productions brought the Pisgah Monster Cross Challenge to the public the same year.

2013 saw the running of two brand new events: The little brother of the 111K, The Pisgah 55.5K and the Pisgah Enduro, the very first gravity event to be held in the best place to ride mountain bikes in the country, the Pisgah National Forest.

Pisgah Productions donates a portion of the proceeds from every event to one of our favorite non-profits:

Asheville Humane Society.

The Pisgah Conservancy.

All Pisgah Productions events are under special use permit with the U.S. Forest Service.