Bootlegger 100

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Date: Apr 19, 2025
Time: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
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The Bootlegger 100 is one of the most challenging and scenic gravel events of the year!
There are two route choices (58 and 107 miles) that both start and finish in downtown Lenoir, NC and travel through the beautiful and rugged Wilson Creek Gorge.

The 58 mile route has approximately 4500 feet of climbing while the 107 mile route will take you up to the Blue Ridge Parkway and includes approximately 9700 feet of climbing.

Be sure to keep your head up and enjoy the scenery as the Bootlegger 100 takes you from historic downtown Lenoir and into the heart of the “other Pisgah,” also known as the Grandfather Ranger District.  Both the 107- and 58-mile options roll through the countryside before delivering you to a gravel wonderland with plenty of challenging terrain.  Just after you pass Coffey’s General Store and Museum, the two routes split, and the long course heads all the way up to the highest point of the day on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Be prepared for gravity to do as much work for you as your braking fingers will let it as you descend fourteen miles down the Parkway and also Pineola Road before rejoining with the shorter course.  Everyone will enjoy a brief respite as the road parallels the burbling Wilson Creek for eight miles before the final gravel challenge on the infamous Maple Sally Road before heading back to town for the finish.

NEW for 2024! The Bootlegger 100 will be run in conjunction with the LENOIR BICYCLE FESTIVAL!  There will be plenty of family-friendly bicycle-focused activities throughout the day hosted by the City of Lenoir. Additionally, many streets in the downtown area will be closed to vehicle traffic!

The course will be well marked in Pisgah Productions style and post-race meals and refreshments will be provided.


Bootlegger 100 

Bootlegger 60 

Schedule of Events:

5:00PM – 10:00PM — Sign in OPEN

5:30AM – 7:30AM — Sign in OPEN
7:45AM — Racer Meeting at START
8:00AM — START
2:00PM — 100 mile cutoff at Rest Area 3
6:00PM — Raffle drawing
9:00PM — Final cutoff

Awards will be presented as soon as possible after the third racer in each division finishes.



1. Have Fun!
2. Racers must wear an approved cycling helmet at all times while on the bike.
3. Racers must burn FRONT and REAR lights at all times while on the bike.
4. Racers may NOT receive outside support while on course.
5. Racers may receive support from other PARTICIPATING racers while on course.
6. Racers must stay in single-file except to pass.
7. Racers must obey all local traffic laws.
8. Electric-Assist bikes (E-Bikes) are prohibited. 
9. The Event Director reserves the right to disqualify any racer for any reason.
10. SIGN-IN  upon completion of the event (Please, this includes DNF racers).


1018 Harper Ave
Lenoir, NC 28645

205 Main Street NW
Lenoir, NC 28645

155 Boundary Street NW
Lenoir, NC 28645


There are hundreds of parking spots in the downtown Lenoir area! Please park in one of the parking lots noted. NOTE: overnight RV- van – car camping is authorized in these parking lots only. (click to view larger photo):


The Start will be at 205 N Main St., a few blocks away from the Sign in and Finish areas. There will be a racer meeting at 7:45AM. Race start will be at 8:00AM. A City of Lenoir police officer will lead a neutral pace start to Highway 90.

Turns will be marked with ORANGE course marking tape. There will be three pieces of tape on the side of the road as the turn and one piece of confirmation tape after the turn. There will also be large ORANGE arrow signs. The course will be well marked. However please download the cue sheet and/or gpx file as backup.

Rest Areas will be well stocked with plenty of water and various food items. We will NOT be sending drop bags to rest areas so please pack accordingly.

City of Lenoir Police and Caldwell County Sheriffs will be providing traffic control at key intersections. If there is NOT a traffic control officer at an intersection you MUST obey all traffic laws including coming to a full stop at stop signs. If a traffic control officer IS present, follow their instructions.

Please mount your number plate to your handlebars and in front of your cables. The timing crew must be able to see your entire number plate as you cross the finish line. Your number plate has a RFID timing chip on the back. If your number plate is not displayed correctly your FINISH TIME WILL NOT BE RECORDED. If you lose or damage your timing chip please tell the timing crew your number when you finish.

There is a downhill to the finish in downtown Lenoir. Please be aware of pedestrians and spectators as you approach the finish line. If you decide to switch distances after the start please LET THE TIMING CREW KNOW at the finish.

The City of Lenoir ENCOURAGES overnight Car/Van/RV camping in the downtown area! Just park in one of the many designated parking lots downtown!  There are no RV hookups available so be prepared and self-contained.

Comfort Inn
970 Blowing Rock Blvd, Lenoir, NC 28645
Phone:(828) 754-2090


‘My main takeaways, based on seven or eight serious gravel events, Battenkill, a few of the major fondos including Levi’s and Hincapie and nearly 100 USAC races  was 1) that the race was unusually well organized. 2) It is one of the most challenging “100” length gravel races in the country and maybe THE most challenging.’    -Jay P. 5/14/18

‘The ride/race itself you couldn’t ask for a better organized ride. All the turns were marked either with an arrow and or orange flagging tapping hanging from the trees before the turns and on stakes or hanging from the trees after the turn to assure you that you were still on course. They had 3 controls/rest stops on the 60 miler. The guy at the 41.7 one was way over the top cooking up grilled cheese sandwiches which for sure hit the spot. The burritos and beer at the finish line were great also.’     -Larry B. 4/24/18

Sorry. No refunds.

60 Mile
100 Mile

Route Downloads:

Bootlegger 60 - Map (map is in zip file)

Bootlegger 100 - Map (map is in zip file)

Cue Sheet Downloads:

2024 Bootlegger 60 - Cue Sheet (cue is in zip file)

2024 Bootlegger 100 - Cue Sheet (cue is in zip file)

GPS Downloads:

2024 Bootlegger 60 (NEW 4/10/24 edit)- GPX (gpx is in zip file)

2024 Bootlegger 100 - GPX (gpx is in zip file)


Date: Apr 19, 2025
Time: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
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