King of Pisgah Series

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Date: May 05, 2018  - Oct 27, 2018
Time: 8: AM - 6: PM
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The King of Pisgah points series is a unique series of bicycle events that span multiple cycling disciplines and an entire racing season. PMBAR, Pisgah 111K, Pisgah 55.5K, Pisgah Monster-Cross Challenge and Double Dare all for one low price!

The events:

PMBAR- The Pisgah Mountain Bike Adventure Race

PMBAR! The CLASSIC Single-Sport Adventure Race!.Teams of two racers must reach 4 out of 5 checkpoints, in any order, and return to the start/finish. Checkpoint locations remain secret until start time. Finishing routes will vary between 50-70 miles!

Pisgah 111K

70 miles of mostly singletrack racing in the heart of the beautiful and rugged Pisgah National Forest! 4 rest areas along the way with food, water, and mechanical support.

Pisgah 55.5K

The DAY AFTER the 111K! 35+ miles of racing on a 99% singletrack course. 3 rest areas.

Pisgah Monster Cross Challenge

Ride the best gravel roads in Pisgah and some of the highest elevation sections of the Blue Ridge Parkway on a 70 mile, 11,000′ climbing route!

Double Dare

Teams of two racers try to reach up to 10 checkpoints, in any order, two days in a row! Race starts at Noon Saturday with a midnight cutoff and resumes at 6AM Sunday with a 6PM final cutoff. Racers that reach all 10 checkpoints will experience a 60+ mile day each day!


Racers must finish all five events to qualify for the title of KING or QUEEN of Pisgah

Schedule of Events:

Registration Open – November 12, 2016. 12PM start.

PMBAR – May 6, 2017. 8AM start.

Pisgah 111K – May 20, 2017. 8AM start.

Pisgah 55.5K – May 21, 2017. 10AM start.

Pisgah Monster Cross Challenge. Sept 9, 2017. 8AM start.

Double Dare – Oct 14-15, 2017. 12PM start.



Pisgah Mountain Bike Adventure Race Pisgah 111k Pisgah 55.5k Pisgah Monster Cross Challenge Pisgah Double Dare
Date: May 05, 2018  - Oct 27, 2018
Time: 8: AM - 6: PM
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