2013 Double Dare: Know before you go:

If you’re racing the 2013 Double Dare here are a few things you need to know:

The start/finish will be at Cove Creek Campground.

GATE CODE : 1005


GPS Info. (Latitude, Longitude):
35.29972, -82.81639
35°17’59″N, 82°48’59″W

From the Asheville airport, take Highway 280 west to the U.S. Highway 64/280/276 intersection at Pisgah National Forest. Turn north onto U.S. Highway 276. Go 4.5 miles to Forest Road 475A and turn left. Travel on 475A for 3 miles to the campground on the right.

The race will start at 12:00 PM Saturday Nov 9. Racers will try to reach up to 10 checkpoints plus bonuses. Racers must be back to the start/finish by 12:00 AM.

The race will resume at 6:00 AM Sunday with a mandatory time trial. If a team does not start when called they are DNF. Racers will then try to reach up to 10 new checkpoints plus bonuses. Racers must be back at the start/finish by 6:00 PM

Scoring: Checkpoints trump time. Scoring is just like a 24 hour race. The most laps (checkpoints) in the allotted time wins.

Mandatory Gear (per team):

1. (1) Compass or GPS

2. (1) Pisgah map

3. (1) Knife

4. (1) Lighter

5. (2) Emergency blanket

6. (2) Front light ( helmet or handlebar )

7. (2) Rear light

8. (1) first aid kit

9. (1) water filter or iodine

10. (1) RELIABLE digital camera (You will prove you were at the Check Point’s (CP) by taking photos. No photo proof, no CP)

11. (2) winter tights

12. (2) mid/heavy fleece upper

13. (2) rain jacket

14. (2) helmet

15. (1) Bike Lock