Wilson’s Revenge

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Choose from two routes through the beautiful, rugged and scenic Wilson Creek gorge: 56 miles or 33 miles of mixed gravel roads, eroded double-track, and less than a mile of pavement.

Start/Finish has returned to Brown Mountain Beech Resort where camping is available and a post event river-swim is encouraged!


Schedule of Events:

Saturday – 5:00pm-10:00pm – Registration and Sign-in OPEN.

Sunday – 6:30am-8:30am – Registration and Sign-in OPEN.

Sunday – 7:45am – Rider MEETING.

Sunday – 8:00am – Event START.

Sunday – 8:00pm – Event CUTOFF.



1. Have Fun!
2. Riders must wear an approved cycling helmet at all times while on the bike.
3. Riders must burn FRONT and REAR lights at all times while on the bike.
4. Riders must complete the event on the bike they started on. No bike swaps during the event.
5. Riders may receive outside support within 100′ of official rest areas.
6. Riders may receive support from other PARTICIPATING riders at any time.
7. Riders must stay in single-file except to pass.
8. Riders must obey all local traffic laws.
9. Electric-Assist bikes (E-Bikes) are prohibited. 
10. The Race Director reserves the right to disqualify any rider for any reason deemed by race officials as unsportsmanlike or otherwise against the spirit of the event.
11. Rule infractions witnessed by Race Officials will result in disqualification.

12. Rule infractions NOT witnessed by Race Officials must be reported by members of TWO SEPARATE teams to be considered.
13. Protest period ends 30 minutes after the final team returns or 10:30PM Saturday, whichever comes first.
14. SIGN-IN  upon completion of the event (Please, this includes DNF riders).



Brown Mountain Beech Resort
6785 Brown Mountain Beach Rd.
Lenoir, NC 28645

Please see the resort hosts if you plan on camping.http://brownmountainbeach.com/


Refund policy: NO REFUNDS. 

Route Downloads:

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GPS Downloads:

Wilson's Revenge 56 Mile Route GPX File

Wilson's Revenge 33 Mile Route GPX File

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