Double Dare Mountain Bike Adventure Race

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Date: Oct 26, 2019  - Oct 27, 2019
Time: 12:00 PM - 6:00 PM
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VENUE CHANGE: Due to circumstances beyond our control the 2019 Double Dare will be held at White Pines Group Campground on FS477. This campground is WALK-UP only. If you plan on bringing a RV or otherwise camping in your vehicle you must reserve a site at Davidson River Campground. We recommend that you reserve those sites AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. We apologize for any inconvenience and hope to return to Cove Creek Campground for 2020.


Every year an event comes along that tests mental and physical strengths of it’s racers like no other. Pisgah Productions proudly presents the hardest (and most fun) thing you will do this year….. the DOUBLE DARE.

Teams of two riders will race to reach up to 10 checkpoints (CPs) per day, two days in a row. The race begins at noon on Saturday and every team must be back before midnight. The race resumes at 6AM Sunday with 10 brand new checkpoints. Every team must finish before 6PM on Sunday. Teams ‘in the running’ should expect up to 70 miles of riding with 12,000-15,000 feet of climbing each day.

SINGLE-DARE! The one-day category at Double-Dare!!! Teams of two riders will race to reach 4 out of 5 checkpoints, in any order, and return to the start/finish the fastest. Checkpoint locations will remain secret until start time and there is no suggested route. Start time for the one-day category will be NOON Saturday and Final cutoff will be MIDNIGHT. That’s right! It’s the FALL version of PMBAR!!!


There will be nothing at the checkpoints other than pre-existing landmarks. Every team must carry a reliable digital camera to photograph the landmarks as proof of being there.

There will be no amenities provided other than water from a well and compost toilets at the start/finish. Bring everything you may need, (shelter, food, water, firewood, refreshments, etc.)


Schedule of Events:



5PM-10PM Sign-In and Gear-Check


8AM-11:30AM Sign-In and Gear-Check

NOTICE: Single-Dare will now START at NOON.

11:50AM Race Meeting

12PM Race Start

11:59PM Race cutoff


5:45AM MANDATORY racer meeting with ROLLCALL!

6AM Double-Dare Race restart

6PM final cutoff




1. Have Fun!
2. Team members must stay together at all times during the event.
3. Teams must have their bikes and all other required gear at all times during the event.
4. Approved cycling helmets must be worn at all times while riding in the event.
5. Teams may reach checkpoints in any order.
6. There will be random gear-checks on-course. Teams will receive a 2 hour time penalty for each piece of missing required-gear.
7. Electric-Assist bikes (E-Bikes) are prohibited. 
8. The team that reaches the most number of checkpoints in the least amount of time wins.
9. The Race Director reserves the right to disqualify teams for any reason deemed by race officials as unsportsmanlike or otherwise against the spirit of the event.
11. In addition the following ROADS are OFF-LIMITS:
    a. NC276 to/from FS1206/Blue Ridge Parkway
    b. NC276 to/from FS475B/FS475 (Looking Glass Falls area)
    c. NC276 to/from FS477(South End)/NC280
    d. Blue Ridge Parkway
    e.  NC280
13. Rule infractions witnessed by Race Officials will result in disqualification.
14. Rule infractions NOT witnessed by Race Officials must be reported by members of TWO SEPARATE teams to be considered.
15. Protest period ends 30 minutes after the final team returns or 6:30PM Sunday, whichever comes first.
16. SIGN-IN and RETURN YOUR TIMING CHIP upon completion of the event (Please, this includes DNF teams). Additional charges will apply to teams that do not return their timing chip.



Camping Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night is INCLUDED with your entry fee!

REQUIRED GEAR (# per team):

1. (1) Compass or GPS

2. (1) Pisgah map

3. (1) Knife

4. (1) Lighter

5. (2) Emergency blanket

6. (2) Front light ( helmet or handlebar )

7. (2) Rear light

8. (1) first aid kit

9. (1) water filter or iodine

10. (1) RELIABLE digital camera (You will prove you were at the Check Point’s (CP) by taking photos. No photo proof, no CP)

11. (2) winter tights

12. (2) mid/heavy fleece upper

13. (2) rain jacket

14. (2) helmet

15. (1) Bike Lock


Sorry, No refunds.


This event is under special use permit with the U.S. Forest Service.


Date: Oct 26, 2019  - Oct 27, 2019
Time: 12:00 PM - 6:00 PM
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